What does “bilingual” mean?

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In the “bilingual option”, the students firstly learn English on a more intensive level. Two years later, they begin to learn other subjects such as geography, politics and history in English as well. English is therefore treated not just as a normal subject, but, after intensive preparation, is also used as the language of instruction in other subjects. This begins with geography in class 7, followed by history in class 8 and politics in class 8 (G8) resp. class 9 (G9).

We are proud that we can boast much success with the students in our bilingual branch.  Ceci students attend some of the world’s elite universities, such as Princeton, Oxford, London School of Economics, European Business School, etc.

Your Contact Person at our School is:

Julian Eichert
Coordinator of the Bilingual Branch

Please note that we are NOT an international school. Apart from the subjects geography, history and politics all other subjects are taught in German. Thus for becoming a student of our school a sound knowledge of the German language is indispensable.