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From year 7 on English lessons are reduced to the number taught in regular non-bilingual classes (= 4 lessons a week). At this level the bilingual subject geography is taught in English. Against this background the number of lessons is raised from two weekly lessons to three. From year 8 on history is taught in English (3 lessons per week instead of two), followed by two weekly lessons in politics, starting in year 8 (G8) resp. year 9 (G9).

Language: In the subjects geography, politics and history, the topics are extensively studied in English. However, we place high value on teaching our students the German terminology in these subjects as well.
During various intervals specific teaching sequences in the subject biology may also be taught in the English language. Subject related nomenclature is presented in both languages (German/English).

Books: Aside from English teaching materials, the students also have German materials at their disposal. This will ensure that they learn both the English and German terminology in the various subjects.

Performance Assessment: The bilingual subjects are “oral subjects” in the secondary level 1 (year 5-9/10).  Of primary importance in grading is subject knowledge, rather than linguistic achievement.